GW2 DPS Report

Upload arcdps logs and send to Discord automatically


Drop files here or click to upload.

How to Use

  • Get latest token from us.

  • Get a Discord Webhook URL.

  • Enable "Save EVTC logs after encounters" option in arcdps.
    Use Alt + Shift + H to show arcdps.
    Use Alt + Shift + T to shot option window.
    Enable "Compress logs with PowerShell (Win10)" option in arcdps if possible.
    This requires Windows© 10.

  • Upload your .evtc,, or .zevtc file.
    By default, the logs would be in <Documents>/Guild Wars 2/arcdps/arcdps.cbtlogs folder.

  • That's all. A message would be sent to your Discord channel via webhook.


  • Update to v2.19.2.0

  • Update to v2.12.0.0 and remove token requirement.

  • Update to v2.11.0.0 and fix parsing.

  • Add title to generated report pages.

  • Now token and webhook would be stored in LocalStorage.

  • Rework so that webhook requests are issued via client instead of server.

  • Publish to GitHub and redesign dropzone.

  • Rewrite server handler and restyle this page.

  • First prototype!


This is a private service to upload arcdps logs, generate reports by Elite Insights, and send to your Discord channel via webhook. I will try to make generated reports live as long as possible, but there is no guarantee.

Server stores only generated files. Webhook URLs are used in your browser and thus server is not aware of that.

The source code can be found on GitHub. PRs are welcome.